Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Dear Brown Brotha/Sistah Immigrant

Dear Brown Brotha/Sistah immigrant dealing with this fuckery of racism and separating families.
        (To ALL immigrants in general but to my brown brothas and sistahs in particular.)

I am with you. I AM with you. HOLD ON. They did the same to us (the Africans, the Blacks, the Negroes, the slaves,) knowing the recovery from this kind of separation takes centuries to overcome. HOLD ON. I understand that this is not the Dream you had when you risked your life to live on land that you occupied before we took it in war. You have come home and are no longer welcome it seems, but HOLD ON.  Some of us are waiting for YOU. I AM WAITING for YOU.  They did the same to us so I know the outcome.  So do they.  They are afraid  you will survive just like we did; you will thrive-just like we do. They know this, so please HOLD ON.   They see how great you are in spite of what they have left for you.  HOLD ON. I AM WAITING FOR YOU. I am your American sistah  and I AM WAITING for YOU. But You must HOLD ON


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Dear Apathetic Americans Too Lazy To Vote in Local Elections

Dear Apathetic Americans Too Lazy to Vote in Local Elections,

Voting to is kind of like exercise. You know it's good for you and  sometimes you are disappointed in the results. With exercise, if you keep at it things will eventually change for the better. It's the same with voting. Having said that I hope you exercise your right to VOTE TODAY and in every election as I have. Now I'm off to exercise and hope to see positive change in my thighs. (she sighs and pushes through as her thighs burn. she mumbles the lyrics, ♫it's been a long time but I know a change is gonna come.♫) Good day sirs and madams. GO VOTE!