Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dear Hollywood Executives and Image Machines

Dear Hollywood Executives and Image Machines,

Really? Am I rare? See I am not an angry, sassy, twerking, overly-sexed, weave pulling, reality TV star with baby daddy drama.  I am not the fish out of water best friend who mysteriously appeared from the hood to the suburbs to assist you in navigating your way through a privileged, angst-filled life while deferring my own dreams. I am not, nor do I want to ever be racially ambiguous. And honestly,  how can I be when we live in such a racially charged society? I can love a white person without disregarding all facets of  my culture so that you don’t feel threatened by our differences. We are not the same.  Nor do I want to be. But I am still an American at the end of the day and I rarely see me on TV, at the movies or on stage.  I see water colored versions (I am referring to the cultural tone not skin tone) of you as me but I don't see me.  I am 100% born and raised, pure Grade A American. I am part of the dream. I should be reflected in the images used to project said dream. Your studios create diversity programs as if it is such an effort for you to find images of all Americans. Pshaw! Come on...You know that we exist because you simulate our lives in order to profit from it; fostering a sort of vulture culture. I understand you are constantly seeking ways to make profit at any expense (pun intended). And I am positive you can do that.  But you have to listen. Ready? Here it goes: (in her best Sam Kinison voice) GUESS WHAT? America is no longer a melting pot where the standard for everything is based on some caramelized  myopia by Europeans! (now in her Deepak Chopra voice) America is a salad bowl with Latin, Native American, Indian, African, Asian, Caribbean, Pacific Island, Jewish, Arab, a multitude of flavorings all in the mix; each adding its own unique zest to every bite.
Bottom line:  I am an American.  I have a story line. I've even written it for you.  All you have to do is stop making excuses to keep us hidden and represent America as the beautifully "diverse" nation she truly is. Your move...


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